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A garage is more than just a home for a car. It is a place to store tools and expensive equipment, so its safety must be ensured to the same extent as the safety of the home. It depends primarily on the reliability and strength of the fencing structure. Manufacturers today offer a variety of options for the arrangement of the passage to the garage, but the most affordable is the installation of sectional gates with their own hands. Ready-made factory sets will not only save the family budget but also bring the pleasure of operation to the owner who independently installed them.

Installing sectional garage doors with your own hands will save you up to 25% of the cost of the product. At the same time, the purchase of a basic model will cost you less than the production of sashes for individual dimensions. It is cheaper and easier to reduce the aperture under the standard size and purchase an affordable kit for installation.

Sectional garage doors CHI.
Construction and installation.

The peculiarity of the structure of each leaf in the canvas avoids the occurrence of “cold bridges”, so that the design of sectional doors can be installed in heated garages. Each leaf is attached to the subsequent one by means of metal hinges and rises upwards under the ceiling on the guides when opening.

For a successful installation, it is necessary to clearly follow the manufacturer’s instructions, which are included with the set. But the installation of sectional garage doors is carried out according to the steps common to all manufacturers:

  • Preparing the opening for installation.
  • Purchase of the necessary fasteners and tools.
  • Marking the aperture under the gate.
  • Direct installation.

Before installation, it is necessary to make sure that there are sufficient partitions and vestibule in the garage. In most cases, the distance should be 30 and 45 cm. It is also necessary to strengthen the opening for installation. To do this, it is enough to install a metal frame that can withstand the weight of the canvas.

The marking and layout of the opening will allow you to reliably install the gate with your own hands. On the walls, mark the attachment points for the profiles, and then proceed to the canvas assembly. Clearly follow not only the manufacturer’s advice but also the installation sequence. After that, it is necessary to adjust the upper brackets and fix the control mechanisms. Now proceed to the installation of the necessary fittings.

Variety of sectional gate finishes.

Self-installation will save up to a quarter of the cost of sectional garage doors, but ordering a turnkey kit also has its advantages. Specialists will perform the installation quickly and efficiently, and you will have the opportunity to choose not only the color solution but also the surface structure to create the ideal design for the leaf. In the sectional doors section, you will find a variety of models, textures, and panels patterns, and you can learn about all the features of the designs.




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